Thursday, March 26, 2009

Art Encaustics!

Natural beeswax and  dammar resin, I so want to buy some! I found this website that sells all kinds of fun stuff, including the beeswax and resin, its called The Earth Pigments Company. I wanted to make some photo blocks, and then seal them with a coating of the wax and resin, I think it would add a nice effect. There is a lumber store 15min away that I have yet to visit, but from there website it looks like they have an array if different types of wood, I would love to have them cut some wood blocks for me. But since we are going to be moving in a week haha, I should wait a bit for that. Hopefully down in central PA I can find a nice lumber yard.

So far today I went to school,  came home, called real estate people about apartments for rent, and left a message, and am now defrosting chicken, I am gonna attempt to make this Thai green curry. There is a recipe on the back that sounded tasty, I got the ingredients for it yesterday,its called  Thai ginger chicken & cashew nuts. Hubby is at work for some extra $$, we need it, plus they asked him to come in, so he should be done with this in a half hour or so, so I better get cooking!

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