Monday, May 4, 2009

Month of May Etsy artisan interview-ArtbyMAR

1. How did you find Etsy? 
If memory serves me right I first heard about Etsy on an artist forum. Many of the people posting there were on Etsy and recommended the site. I checked it out, loved it, and have been here ever since.

2. How did you get into the craft/artwork that you do now?
I have always been creative, drawing since I was a little girl. One of my Grandmothers was an artist, the other was very crafty. So I was always encouraged to draw, paint, and create. I originally only sold my artwork on Etsy but wanted to branch out somewhat. I got the idea to put my art on pendants and that branched out to include using my huge collection of vintage images for the pendants also.

3. What inspires you? 
So many different things can inspire me to create. Browsing through all the great items on Etsy always inspires me. But it can be anything, a book , a tree and all of a sudden an idea will just pop into my head. Halloween and Autumn are my favorite times of the year so I always find additional inspiration during that time.

4. Who is your fav. artist?
This is a hard one because I like so many and a variety of art. Just a sampling of my favorites on Etsy are: 
Heidi Shaulis from West Corinth Studio
Sarah from Black Eyed Suzie
Cat from Cat Box Art Studio

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