Saturday, November 1, 2008

Etsy artisan interview with:DBeadery!

How did you first get interested in what you do? I've been creative all my life, and have made many things. My kids were grown, I was divorced, I needed a job. I have ADD to the point that I can't work a regular job, and the privilege of making jewelry to sell seemed perfect! I did lots of research, took some classes, experimented, asked questions, made mistakes... that was years ago, of course, and here I am, still loving new ideas. I've made so much more than I havae up in my shop. I'm still taking classes from time to time, always looking to improve my skills and concepts, and create lovely things. I enjoy offering people something to express their magic, their individuality with. The administrative things, like taxes! are hardest for me.

What are your top 5 favorite Etsy shops?

1. GoddessNaturals,

Not only because she makes terrific personal care products that I use everyday, but because she's overcome great adversity in her life, and is sweet, not bitter. Strong woman!

2. Painting Well, because she stood by me while my father was dying, and supported me after his death. I own several of her paintings.

3. Bonzie, cuz she makes the most awesome clothes, tho I can't afford them. I still like to look.

4. CrazyMommaProduction, because I love felting, and I think she's one of the good ones on Etsy.

5. The Beading Tree was very helpful when I first joined Etsy in 5/06. I still remember her with gratitude. She's a great Etsyian, and has helped to make it the wonderful thing it is today.

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