Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Etsy artisan interview with: LiveGreenGiveGreen!


How did you first get interested in what you do?
I've been crafty since I was a child. I am a teacher by day, so I have some free time in the summers to enjoy some creative freedom. Since I'm passionate about living as GREEN as my means will allow, making fabric gift bags and recycled note cards just makes sense. I also enjoy hiking and camping, so I've captured some cool photos out in nature.

Who is your favorite artist? My favorite artist is my father. He was always learning a new craft -- and he taught me to see something I love and know I could make it myself! He was always making Christmas ornaments from textiles, doing needlepoint, drawing, cooking, learning magic...you name it, he was learning it!

What are your top 5 favorite Etsy sites?
It's so hard to pick my top five sites...There are so many amazing artists on Etsy. If I have to, I'd select:

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